Overview of Third Party Events

The Animal Rescue League of Fall River, is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. Since 1914, we have been protecting and enhancing the lives of abused, abandoned, neglected, and homeless animals. We are a No-Kill Shelter. We rely on support from individuals, families, private foundations, and through special events. We do not receive any Federal, State, or local funding.

Third Party Fundraising Events

We hold several large scale events during the year, such as our “Evening to Paws” Gala in the fall. There are many companies and supporters of our mission can choose to hold their own fundraisers and item collection opportunities. The “Third Party Fundraisers” play a significant role in showcasing the life–saving programs of the League, as well as, helping the League raise additional funds to help the animals in our care.

We ask that you contact John Panarese at 508-646-9663 or email John@ARLFR.Org if you would like to plan a fundraiser for the organization.

Create a Fundraiser

There are many ways you can create your own fundraising event for the animals. Your company, organization, or friends can sponsor a golf tournament. Supporters of the League have also hosted cocktail parties, softball and wiffleball tournaments, bake sales, comedy night, concerts, barbecues, bowling tournament, dress down Friday, themed company events, and home party shows.

Other Event suggestions:
  • Guests can give donations to the League in lieu of gifts for holidays, wedding and anniversary, bridal and baby shower, office and birthday parties.

  • Host an event in your home to benefit the ARLFR.

  • Plan a poker tournament or fashion show.

  • Hold a garage or yard sale with proceeds to go to the League.

  • Have a car wash.

  • Collect soda cans and donate the deposit money to the League.

  • Collect canned dog and cat food, toys, and office supplies for the League to offset operational costs


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a third party event to help the animals!

Third Party Fundraising Guidelines

We are here to help you make your fundraising event successful and fun. In order for the League Staff to help you plan your event, please fill out the attached Agreement Form and submit it to the League. From this point forward, the League will recognize you as “Third Party Fundraising” volunteers. We welcome any questions you may have prior to help you get started. Please contact the League Office at 508-646-9663 or email: John@arlfr.org if you have any questions.


  • All Third Party events must be approved by ARLFR, prior to the event.

  • The League will not be responsible for expenses incurred by a third party fundraiser except if there is a written agreement to the contrary agreed and signed by both parties.

  • Any use of the ARLFR logo, visual representation of League animals or facilities must be approved by ARLFR prior to the event.

  • The League prohibits telephone solicitation by third parties.

  • Any materials, including, but not limited to, press releases, public service announcements, electronic marketing, posters, brochures, flyers and tickets, must be approved by ARLFR.

  • Approved Third Part fundraising events must be referred to as benefitting the ARLFR or Faxon Animal Care and Adoption Center. They may not be represented as “sponsored by”, “conducted on behalf”, or any similar terminology.

  • ARLFR will not be bound by any agreements that have not in writing and have agreed upon prior to the fundraising activities.

  • Third Party fundraiser agrees to obey all federal, state and local laws and regulations in promoting or conducting their event.

Please click below to access Third Party Fundraising Agreement Form
Third Party Fundraising Agreement