Scarlet has gone home! She comes out of her shell more with each passing day.


Cooper wrote a letter to out shelter manager telling us how happy he is in his new home. 🙂

Dear Renee,

I am writing to tell you all about my new life in Taunton! OMG ~ These people you sent me to live with… they just love me to death! I can do no wrong! They are always petting me, snuggling me, kissing me,… phew, it’s amazing! I roll over all the time & let them rub my belly. They really seem to like it when I do that. Anything to make them happy, I guess!!

They have 3 kids & I have slept with 2 of them so far. I like to explore at night while the humans are asleep. I knock stuff over sometimes just to give them a little scare. ( hahaha I am only 4 ya know! I still need to have a little fun! ) They gave me these awesome toys to play with & a ball that has bells in it. It’s super fun! They also gave the littlest human a feather on a string & man, do I love playing this with him!! He has more energy than me sometimes!!!

I have free range of the house all day.  I climb on top of the counters, the cabinets, in the bath tubs, I look out the windows in the basement…. lots to do!  I have my own bed, my own mat, my own toys. I guess my friends might call me spoiled.  I like the term ” well looked after” better though! Because, spoiled sounds so bratty! We all know I am NOT a brat!

I am remembering my manners. I don’t yell. I don’t ruin things. I go pee-pee in my box. You know, all the important things!

I am even friends with this huge beast of a thing.. I am not sure if it is a horse or a cow…? Oh, wait… they told me she is an American Mastiff Dog. Yah, a dog. That’s right!

We smell each other & I sit on the chair and she licks my head. I don’t care, really. She seems nice!

Well… I guess that’s about it for now. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well & really love my new home!

Thanks for introducing me to these humans! My heart is happy!

Love always,



Pingo has gone home to her forever family. There’s lots of love to go around in that household!


Dorie has been adopted! This is one of the happiest adoption stories ever! She has been here for over 5 years and proved to be a tough cat to place. She went on a “vacation” with a staff member for further evaluation in a home and did so well there that she adopted her! We are all extremely happy about her adoption.